Prime Coral Prevent RTN is the ONLY in-tank treatment effective to treat saltwater systems infected with coral parasites that cause RTN (rapid tissue necrosis). It is added directly to your saltwater system. Reef Safe. USE WITH CAUTION WITH FISH SAFE. It is highly effective in eliminating the RTN, STN, and Coral Bleaching parasites from your system.

Aviable Bottle sizes:

1 oz treats 300 gallons

8 oz treats 2400 gallons

12 oz treats 3600 gallons

128 oz treats 38,000 gallons

Use ONLY as directed. Do NOT overdose. Do NOT turn off protein skimmer. Do Not Refrigerate.

Not for human consumption. Non-toxic. Use protective wear when handling. Does not contain hazardous materials.

Prime Coral Prevent RTN is used to treat saltwater systems infected with RTN parasites that cause RTN, STN, tissue necrosis, bleaching, polyp retraction, and loss of color on corals. Prime Coral Prevent RTN kills free swimming RTN parasites and parasites on and within the host coral. Prime Coral Prevent RTN should be used in conjunction with Prime Coral STOP RTN coral dip for maximum effect.

Caution: Not all infected corals will survive treatment. Use at your own Risk.

Note: SPS corals are more susceptible to heavy infestation.

Avoid adding to areas where fish may be exposed to high concentrations. Add to sump.

Dose 1 ml for every 10 gallons of actual water volume.


  1. Remove all fish (optional, use at your own risk)
  2. Dose 1ml of Prime Coral Prevent RTN per 10 gallons of actual tank water volume.
  3. Dillute dose with 1 gallon of your tank salt water in a separate container.
  4. Remove protein skimmer cup and let overflow for 6 – 12 hours. Do NOT turn off your protein skimmer.
  5. If you do not have a skimmer, use an air stone to oxygenate your tank. Recommendation; use 1 air stone per 50 gallons.
  6. Divert away from carbon dosing reactors.
  7. Reduce in-take flow to moderate for 6 – 12 hours.
  8. Add slowly to sump. We recommend to drip into sump slowly between 20 to 30 mins.
  9. Dose away from fish.
  10. Repeat every 3 days for active disease.
  11. 10% Water change after 12 hours of starting treatment.
  12. We recommend using carbon and protein skimming after 12 hours of starting treatment.
  13. Return fish to tank (if fish were removed)


Dilute the full dose in 1 gallon of tank water and drip into sump or high flow area between 20 to 30 minutes. For healthy tank maintenance, use every 2 weeks as directed. To treat an RTN, STN, bleaching parasite outbreak, dose every 3 days for two weeks. It is strongly recommended to combine Prime Coral STOP RTN coral dip in conjunction with Prime Coral Prevent RTN in-tank treatment for maximum effect on RTN parasites and better coral health.

Check out our full treatment protocol.

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Some successful treatment results of using Prime Coral Prevent RTN with corals that were infected with RTN and STN Parasites. These corals were only treated with the Prime Coral Prevent RTN treatment because they were encrusted on the rock work and could not be removed for dipping. Triple Boosting Protocol was successful at stopping the RTN and STN, see video for directions on Triple Boosting Protocol: