There are many factors that determine the length of the in-tank treatment with Prime coral Prevent RTN. Here we will review many of those factors. Everyone’s systems is different and will require a different treatment duration.

1. Volume of your system.
2. Total number of corals in system.
3. Size of infected coral colony.
4. Types of microscopic coral protozoan parasite infecting your particular system.
5. Total Number of parasites in your system.
6. Early vs late treatment initiation.
7. Is prime coral treatment protocol being followed?
8. Are new corals are being added during the treatment?
9. Types of corals in your system. Some more prone of being infected and getting infected during treatment than others. Some coral types are more difficult to treat because they produce heavy mucus or have thick and dense skeleton.
10. Presence or absence of natural predator.
11. Is prime coral stop RTN dip being used at the same time to treat corals with the signs of disease?